Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Summer time is almost here

It's almost summer time around here and students and their famalies are gettting ready to head out of town or just hang out and change the routine around the house. It seems as though our schedules get more insane as the years go on. Our personal schedules fill up as well as the ministry schedule. We have so many different things going on. I just finished planning the calendar for the 06-07 for the Full Service Middle School Ministry. The director of Operations here at the church just sent the timeline for our budget process for next year. Things fill up so quickly it seems like I can't even enjoy the summer because I need to be planning out the entire year. We'll, what I really want to do is go fishing but I have to schedule that with by buddy sometime at the end of June or beginning of July! Life is good.


Blogger johnny scott said...

dude! I hope your summer is going awesome. Jen and I are having a great time with the boys this summer. I am ready for Believe already though! Ha!

8:27 PM


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